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About The Academy

“Creating an integrated whole, of the dance and the dancer”.
VISION: "The dance is the mother of arts; it removes the limitations of the body,extinguishes the consciousness, and pours the divine spirit into the dancer"
Nrityangan Academy of Fine Arts is placed in the heart of suburban Mumbai, at Santacruz. Nrityangan literally means ‘Nritya Ka Aangan’, ie ‘An arena of dance’. The academy exclusively imparts training in the Bharatanatyam style of Indian classical dance exploring the essence of the Kalakshetra dance style along with few traces from the Tanjavur style.

Nrityangan Academy of Fine Arts was founded in the year 1992 with the solemn objective of inculcating the spirit of rich culture and heritage of India through the artistic form of dance. In the ocean of talent, creativity and aesthetics, it is a small step taken by Anjana Dongre towards the preservation of values that personify the classical dance form. The core value of the academy has been to nurture and sculpt students to understand the nuances of dance which go beyond performance to that of focus, self-discipline and internal strength.

It was her dream since she finished her Arangetram, to set up an institute that imparts her knowledge and talent with other interested dancers. A well crafted course has been a speciality of the Academy where a definite format is followed to provide holistic training. Frequent examinations and certification of the same; assess’ the students’ progress. This is further followed by rigorous training for the Arangetram, which essentially translates to ‘ascending the stage’ for the first time after years of training. But with changing situations, the academy also ensure staging up frequent performances of all its students to bring forth their training progress and inturn give the student a platform to express himself/herself. It is truly said “The anticipation of our next performance keeps us interested and focused, and the memory of the last performance sustains us and inspires us to improve.” The performance aspect is further complimented with adequate focus on theory from the Abhinayadarpanam and the Natyashastra, where the Shloka recitals are an integral part of the course content.

The Teacher

Through dance one sets ones spirit free and becomes one with God, it is an artistic form of meditation.

An ardent believer in the above thought, Ms. Anjana Dongre harbours two passions in her heart: dance and music. She did her Arangetram under the able guidance of her guru Ms. Uma Devi Dutt from Kalakshetra Chennai in 1987. She is still continuing her process of learning, now from Mr. & Mrs. Venugopal Pillai at Sri Tanjavur Nrityashala.

She is also pursuing her second passion which is music and is learning Hindustani classical from Ajivasan Institute. She has won many dance competition during her school and college days and to fulfill her dream of imparting this knowledge to others too, she.initiated this academy and has been grooming students ever since its inception.

Her strength lies in choreographing the items as per the requirement. .She has been invited to various dance performances in the capacity of a judge and is also in the panel of examiners at Bhartiya Sangeet Samiti.

Anjana says a true teacher is not the one with the most students, but one who creates the most teachers to spread the knowledge. She aims at creating many masters who will carry forward the legacy of Bharatnatyam!


NAFA's dance troupe is known by the name 'Sinjini'. This dance troupe has performed at various occasions.
Some of our modest achievements are as follows:

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Performance Excerpts

The stage is always an incentive to create, innovate and exhibit our art. Ranging from our tiny dancers to the senior ones, we use the stage to offer our dance to the God, Guru and Sabha.

Practice Sessions

What makes us bleed less in war, is the amount of sweat we put in peace time. Holding this true, we hold utmost importance to our practice sessions and our regular classes. The demand for sincerity and discipline in these sessions is evident as you get a sneak-a-peak into our practices.

Arangetram Testimonial

We bestow immense honor on our students who have completed their Arangetram. For us it is the first stage to establish one as a defined Dancer, with qualities and attributes well tested over years of training.